Los Angeles – Walt Disney Concert Hall (audio tours)

The Walt Disney concert hall is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. It is located in downtown L.A. amongst the tall buildings. The concert hall was designed by Frank Gehry, who is best known for his work on the Guggenheim.

The concert hall offers free tours. You can take a docent guided group tour (1 hour), symphonian tour (1.5 hours), or an audio tour (~1 hour) on your own. We took our time with the audio tour and stretched it out to an hour and a half. The auditorium is not included in the tour so you need to fork out the bucks to see a performance if you want to experience it (and its heralded acoustics). Personally, I think that seeing the  Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood bowl is more my style. (I hear you can bring wine and a picnic with you).

You can enjoy some sun on the third floor of the audio tour when you peruse the outdoor landscaping. (Yes, they have trees planted three feet above ground level). You can get a decent view of the city from there; if you look close enough you can see Dodgers stadium, and the Hollywood sign. You get another view of the city on the fifth floor where you can search for the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The audio tour will help you find them. If you are into interesting pieces of art then consider making MOCA your next stop for the day; it’s only a five minute walk away and you already paid for parking. Plus, you won’t get a view of the concert hall in it’s entirety unless you take a short stroll across the street.

Total cost: $9 parking (under the concert hall) + $0 audio tour = $9

Tour times

Parking map

Address: 135 North Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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One Response to Los Angeles – Walt Disney Concert Hall (audio tours)

  1. Anyluckypeny says:

    I went two months ago the architecture is amazing!

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