Los Angeles – Grammy Museum

The Grammy Museum is one of the newest museums on the list, opening in Dec. 2008. The museum highlights the Grammy awards, the award winners, and the history of music (and recording) in general. You can find it on the campus of L.A. Live near the Nokia theater and the Staples center. (Be aware that the museum is depicted in a *slightly* exaggerated size on the featured image above.)

You can start on the fourth floor, where you can see some Grammy awards from previous years. You can check out a neat interactive “Crossroads” exhibit to discover new music genres and listen to some old familiar music over loud fancy (partially sanitized) headphones. A “Music Epicenters” exhibit highlights the fact that musical styles often emerge from different geographical locations (for example, the Seattle grunge scene, or the country music of Bakersfield) . We caught some interesting special exhibits on John Lennon and Roy Orbison.

The third floor features interactive exhibits on the art and technology involved in recording music. I skipped that section. (Sorry, too much to see in too little time). Be sure to check out the “Beatles: LOVE” exhibit (on display until Feb. 2012), invitations to past Grammy awards, award envelopes, and a collection of suits and dresses worn on the show. DO NOT MISS the bird costume that Cee-Lo Green wore during his Grammy performance of “Forget You” with Gwyneth Paltrow. It was a classic Grammy moment.

We finished up the tour with the Bob Marley exhibit. My wife happily reported that the exhibit gave her an increased respect and tolerance for his music. However, she didn’t develop enough tolerance to let me sing a few of his greatest hits during our drive home.

It is not unusual to spend about 2 and a half hours at the museum. Pictures are only allowed on the first floor. After you finish with the Grammy museum you can take a break from the L.A. Live craziness by visiting the Heritage Square Museum a little further down the 110 (featured here). Food is expensive around L.A. Live so consider bringing your lunch and tailgating at the Heritage Square Museum parking lot.

Total cost: $10 parking (West garage, Lot W, gate B, rate may increase during special events) + $12.95 per ticket (with small discounts for a non-trivial section of the population that includes students, military, AAA members, and others).

Parking Map

Address: 800 W Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015-1300

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